Breezy NONI

Fruit Powder

Morinda citrifolia

Why Breezy? Noni grows well on islands where tropical breezes blow.
• Earthy flavor profile with a hint of citrusy sourness
• Blackish brown color

Why Breezy? Noni grows well on islands where tropical breezes blow.

Originating from Southeast Asia, Noni is a tropical and subtropical shrub that has been cultivated on the Pacific islands for over 2000 years. It bears an unusual fruit with what most people who consume it fresh describe as a pungent and earthy flavor, yet the taste of the powder is smoother. Noni is the Hawaiian name for the plant, where it is frequently used. Traditionally, in the Samoan culture, there are a variety of uses for all the plant parts including the roots, stem, bark, leaves and flowers. Prized by Polynesians, they  brought it with them as they migrated in their canoes to new islands. Noni Organic Fruit Powder is full of protective antioxidants, flavonoids, and catechins.



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