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Ananas comosus

Why Primeval? Pineapples have their origin in the primeval rainforests

• Sweet tropical taste and aroma
• Cream colored

Why Primeval? Pineapples have their origin in the primeval rainforests.

Native to Central and South America, Pineapple is an herbaceous perennial on which 200 or more flowers are produced. Once they flower, the individual fruits of the flowers merge to create one large, wide cylindrical fruit. Pineapple Organic Juice Powder is sourced from South and Central America. Pineapple is known as the “queen of fruits” due to its enjoyable flavor, and its original name comes from the Tupí word nanas, which means “excellent fruit” or “exquisite fruit.” It was traditionally used throughout Central and South America to help with a variety of digestion-related issues.



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Baking cookies, brioche

Cake, desserts


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