Galvanic CAMU CAMU

Fruit Powder

Myrciaria dubia

Why Galvanic? Camu Camu harnesses the galvanic power of protection

• Abundant source of Vitamin C: 8% to 20%
• Distinct tart sour lemon and cherry-like taste

Why Galvanic? Camu Camu harnesses the galvanic power of protection.

Grown on the banks of the Amazon, native to the lush South American climate along the Black Water River region, camu camu berries are rich in a multitude of phytonutrients. Conventional fruit powder contains 20% Vitamin C, while the organic checks in at 8%, 10 times the vitamin C of one orange. Inside Peru’s Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, the indigenous communities have become protectors of their threatened forests. Promoting the sustainable use of its natural resources, their work is supported by the Peruvian government and private sector committed to save the jungle by promoting the development of the camu camu agroindustry and increasing competitiveness of the camu camu productive chain in multiple districts. The tiny antioxidant-rich berries are considered the Peruvian Amazon superfood, helping to galvanize the immune system and aiding the body’s overall vitality.



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Chia pudding recipe with galvanic camu camu






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