Super Bowl Takes on a Whole New Meaning: The Best Superfood Recipes

Global leader in natural ingredients, Nexira shares tips on creating the best superfood bowls using Superfood Powders full of super nutritional benefits.

The importance and impact of superfoods in the North American market

The superfood powders market in North America is experiencing rapid growth. This is because consumer awareness is increasing around nutrition facts the perception of superfoods as extra-healthy protein options whose natural properties will help promote their long-term health. Superfood powders are an easy and convenient way to add nutrition, flavor, and color to a meal, such big bowl as in a superfood bowl. Wondering what makes superfoods so special? There are some solid reasons behind consumer perception that including superfoods in their daily diet will provide key health benefits in the long-term.

Every superfood has unique nutritional qualities, and each is correlated to specific health benefits. These may include benefits such as helping to support the immune system, boosting energy and vitality, enhancing digestion and gut health, and improving the quality of hair, skin, and nails. Combining two or more superfood powders in the same recipe creates some innovative flavors, and enablesconsumers to enjoy multiple health benefits from one superfood bowl.

The consumer trend towards seeking foods that promote health and well-being is expected to continue throughout 2023 and beyond. Consumers say their decisions to eat and purchase healthy meals is highly influenced by factors such as accessibility, convenience, affordability, and the perception of superfoods as being super healthy. Across the U.S., superfood bowls are becoming broadly accessible and more affordable than when they were first introduced to the American diet several years ago in niche restaurants, resulting in increased sales of nutritious foods in this category. Since superfoods possess numerous functional qualities, infusing superfood powders into superfood bowls, smoothies or functional beverages has steadily become more popular. Consumers are driven to purchase products that contain superfood ingredients primarily for the health benefits, but it’s important to note that appealing taste and texture are a key factor in the decision to buy.

According to CDC statistics, average Americans don’t consume enough fruits grains and vegetables. Most consume less than two servings of vegetables and one serving of fruit per day. The key to eating a balanced diet is adding more foods from these groups in appropriate amounts on a daily basis, including by using nutrient-dense superfood powders.

Other factors that influence today’s consumers are sustainability concerns: many tend to gravitate towards clean labels, organic ingredients, natural processing across the supply chain, and a brand story that is honest and transparent. 

What combinations make a superfood bowl the most nourishing?

By mixing and matching superfood powders, which are comprised of many popular categories of the top superfoods (fruit, veggies, seeds, roots, and leaf powders) each of which has a unique nutritional profile, the contents of superfood bowls expand well beyond the traditional protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Develop your recipe with super nutritious ingredients

Looking to create a superfood bowl that packs the most nutritious punch? You’d be well-advised to start building your recipe by selecting nutrient-dense superfood powders.  Nexira has introduced POW(D)ER by Mother Nature, a powerful range of natural sensory ingredients, easy-to-use for formulators and blenders.

What ingredients should you use to make the best superfood bowl?

The old saying “the more, the merrier” is applicable when creating a recipe for a nutritious superfood bowl. Acai is thought to have more antioxidants than cranberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, spinach or blackberries; it’s a great idea to mix acai powder with other superfoods or multiple superfood powders to deliver even more antioxidant power. The higher the value of antioxidants, the better the body will be able to utilize them to fight the free radicals.

The POW(D)ER range is a result of Nexira‘s diligent research regarding the unique natural properties of superfoods, including antioxidant qualities; for those looking to add more nutrition to their recipes, nutrient-dense superfood powders contain many vitamins and minerals. All of the top superfoods are part of the POW(D)ER range: in addition to the best-selling Tropical Acai Fruit Powder, others that mix well in superfood bowls are Atmospheric Blueberry, Cascading Cranberry, Dusky Pomegranate, Flowing Goji, and Visionary Maquiberry; and Juice Powders that work well in superfood bowls, for example, Sunny Acerola or Dewy Alfalfa. The powders are easy to mix into superfood bowls creating a simple way for consumers to reap the health benefits provided by the unique traditional properties of each superfood.

An example of a fantastic Superfood Bowl recipe for an easy breakfast or a healthy afternoon snack:

  • Start with frozen acai as a base, or substitute one or two tablespoons of freeze-dried acai powder in place of the frozen acai puree.
  • Add a ½ cup to a cup of liquid (milk, almond milk, or coconut water) depending on the texture you desire.
  • Stir in a natural sweetener, such as honey, agave syrup or a few drops of liquid stevia.
  • Add some fresh or frozen fruit, such as a sliced banana, strawberries, blueberries, or mango.
  • Mix in superfood powders of your choice: acai, maqui, acerola, pomegranate, and blueberry.
  • Combine all ingredients in the blender until smooth and creamy – and top with chia seeds, coconut flakes, granola, or nuts.

This superfood bowl provides a daily boost packed with powerful antioxidants and plenty of Vitamin C.

Build your bowl with a best-selling ingredient: Acai Powder

What makes Acai such a popular superfood?

Tropical Acai Fruit Powder is the most popular ingredient for a superfood bowl, and with good reason. It’s high in healthy fats and fibers, which helps enhance digestion and supports heart health. In addition to its other benefits, nutrient-dense acai fruit is rich in a compound called anthocyanins (which is what gives the fruit its deep purple color). Anthocyanins are flavonoid pigments with antioxidant properties that are known to help protect the body’s cells from the damage caused by free radicals. Vitamins (especially vitamins A and C) are also present in Acai.

Acai powder by Nexira
Tropical ACAI Fruit Powder – (açai, pronounced“ahh-sigh-EE”) is an antioxidant-rich superfood.
What looks like Acai fruit

Packed with all that nutrition, acai has a unique taste, which makes it very appealing in a superfood bowl. Described as a little tart, a bit earthy, and somewhat wild,the flavor of acai is a cross between blackberries, red wine, and dark chocolate.

Origin, Harvesting, and Traditional Uses of Acai

Native to the eastern Amazon in Brazil, Acai berries are produced by palm trees that reach heights of 15-30 meters. The trees can produce berries all year but they usually reach the season of highest volume between July and December. The primary way to determine if an acai berry is ripe is by their color. Once the tiny, spherical fruit turns deep purple or near-black, the harvesters climb the trees and cut the branches with a pruner. Acai was traditionally used as a food source and herbal remedy in South America for a wide range of ailments such as digestive discomfort, kidney issues, or menstrual cramps.

Fun facts about Acai:

Acai are not actually berries, because they contain pits, so technically they are defined as drupes, a fleshy fruit with thin skin and a stone in the middle that contains half the seed. Nevertheless, acai are commonly referred to as berries, unlike other examples of drupes such as olives, almonds, apricots, plums, and cherries. A much less common, little-known color variation of acai exists, and it is a white fruit with a vivid yellowish-green skin.

It’s so easy to mix powders into superfood bowls

Use nutrient-dense ingredients such as superfood powders to create products such as superfood bowls with health benefits that are of high priority to consumers. For breakfast or lunch, or for a pre-or post-workout meal, superfood bowls are incredibly quick and easy to prepare with superfood powders. For example, Tropical Acai Fruit Powder provides a plant-based, low sugar, antioxidant-rich superfood that’s simple to consume any time of the day. Superfood powders are a quick and convenient way to include fruits, greens, and vegetables in your daily diet. It’s easy to add vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to any superfood bowl by using powder ingredients. Superfoods also add good taste and rich color to a superfood bowl, for greater sensory appeal.   

Nexira presents Powder range
Pair superfood powders with micronutrients to deliver products with health benefits that are important to consumers.

Consumers desire superfoods that support their immune health

According to a Mintel study, every week, when Americans and Canadians are conducting a search for health benefits, one of their main priorities is to strengthen or support their immune health.

As we age, it is essential to maintain a diet high in vitamins and minerals to help fuel the body and promote a strong immune system. Superfoods are abundant in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals and more – all necessary to help provide support to the immune system. Following the pandemic, boosting immunity is more significant than ever to consumers, and they are seeking nutrient-dense foods to help accomplish this objective. It’s simple to add powders to a superfood bowl to instantly increase its nutritional value.

Nutrient-dense superfoods can help maintain an optimal diet. It’s useful to understand the various properties and benefits of each superfood powder in small bowl in order to create a balanced meal with appealing tastes and textures that consumers desire. Use superfood powders to create blends that will deliver maximum benefits in a tasty superfood bowl.

As consumers continue to look for recipes and foods that will have a positive impact on long-term health, a simple, delicious and convenient meal solution is already on the table: a wonderful, tasty, and healthy superfood bowl.

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